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The Revolution Home Collection

Our Sheets Come in 12 different colors. In King and Queen sizes

Just $55 each set

Greenwich Bay Soaps

Great Soaps that bring your senses to life. Many sizes and scents to take home. 
​Starting at $4.99

Bridewater Car Scents

Take your favorite to the car. Choose your favorite scent  for yourself or as a gift. 
​Just $6.99 each

Bridgewater Scented Sachet's

A scent for a gift, a room, or a drawer. With many scents to choose from. 
​Just $2.50 each

Bridgewater Candles 18.5 oz

In a variety of Scents, Your sure to find your favorite. For the large size,

Just $22  

Park Hill Collection

Vintage Home decor with style that compliments your home in a truly personal way! Ask to see our catalog for more details.

Bridgewater Candle Votives

Test a new scent with these small votives. They are a great choice for small rooms as well! 
Just $2.50 each

Bridgewater Candles 8.8 oz

In a Smaller size for smaller spaces, or just to give as a great gift! Choose your favorite! 
Just $17.00